According to Polish-Poster.com, a good deal of thought has been given to the Polish Poster School's cultural explosion. It seems that its success can be attributed to social, as well as artistic, conditions. The political climate in the country at the time was an important factor. Moreover, every possible organization, especially those in the cultural arena, were vying for posters painted by one of the famous artists. For many years there was no film, opera or theatre premiere, concert, festival or other public event without a poster.

An interesting phenomenon was that, along with the various cultural events it promoted, the posters soon became an element of mass culture themselves, attracting huge crowds to the poster biennials in Warsaw.

Wozzeck – Jan Lenica, 1979

Aida - Roman Cieslewicz, 1966

Month in the village - Danka Lustyk, 1977

Faust – Jan Lenica, 1974

Francesca da Rimini - Hubert Hilscher, 1968

Month in the country – M Rutkowska, 1977

Samson - Franciszek Starowieyski, 1961

Swan Lake – Jan Lenica, 1984

The card file (Kartoteka Rozéwicz) - Maciej Urbaniec, 1975

Usmiech Wilka - Andrzej Pagowski, 1982